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Stuv 30 Wood Stove

Stûv 30 Wood Stove

The Stuv 30’s are slow burning wood stoves that offer many possibilities: Efficient heating, 360 degree rotation and even the occasional BBQ.

  • The loading door allows the quick and easy add-on of logs and the occasional BBQ.
  • The full glass door offers a spectacular view of the fire as it warms the atmosphere.
  • The full door radiates comforting warmth throughout the night.

Maximum power: 47,000 BTU/h
Heating area: 900 ft2

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Stûv 16 Wood Stove

Stûv 16 showcase the spectacle of flames through their refined design. These types of modern wood stoves have a large opening that abundantly distributes heat.

The combustion techniques of the Stûv 16 allow to optimize their efficiency while eliminating their environmental impact. Equipped with SBR (single burn rate) automatic control, these models are easy to use: no air damper to manipulate all you need to do is light the logs and enjoy the spectacular fire.

Maximum power: 65,000 BTU/h
Heating area: 1,400 ft2

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