Rhinoflex Pipe Connected to Furnace
Rhinoflex Pipe Profile

There are more than 25,000 miles of Rhinoflex pre-insulated pipe installed worldwide!

High Efficiency, Flexible Pre-insulated Pipe

Your wood furnace is an investment designed to give your family long lasting comfort and energy independence. Use Rhinoflex pipe to make sure all your heat is delivered right to where you need it for as long as you own your furnace. Rhinoflex pipe offers the most efficient, rugged pre-insulated pipe on the market while being easy to install and economical.

Do it Once, Do it Right

Highest Efficiency

Rhinoflex by HeatMasterss will maximize the performance of your heating system, using the Highest Efficiency closed cell foam in the industry.

  • Almost no heat is lost underground (Less than 1°F Heat Loss per 100 ft).
  • You save fuel and processing time.
  • Better performance of your outdoor furnace and indoor heating system.
  • Waterproof and air tight design.

Long Lasting

HeatmasterSS 25 year warranty is the longest in the industry.

The Heaviest, Most Rugged Outdoor Jacket Available

  • High-density polyethylene outer jacket withstands work site handling, rocks and anything else you can throw at it.
  • The Rugged Waterproof outer jacket protects the insulation and lines from water penetration and heat loss.
  • UV protected to keep from fading and sun damage.

Easy to Install

The Ribbed Outer Jacket makes life easier during installation and operation because it offers:

  • Greater flexibility during installation.
  • Reduced expansion & contraction during heat/cool cycles.
  • Highest efficiency design with smaller jacket diameter making trenching and installation easier.
  • Labelled Pex A Pipe for easy identification of supply and return lines.
  • Outer Jacket marked every 5 feet for easy measurement.
  • Lightweight for easy handling.
  • No special tools or equipment required for installation – can be cut with a handsaw.
Inches Nominal Insulation Thickness Jacket OD Jacket Thickness Bending Radius Weight lb/ft
0.75″ 0.75″ 3.58″ 0.09 2′5″ 0.80
1.00″ 1.70″ 4.45″ 0.09 3′3″ 1.50
1.25″ 1.20″ 4.45″ 0.10 3′3″ 1.70
1.50″ 1.25″ 6.42″ 0.13 4′0″ 2.60
2.00″ 1.50″ 7.20″ 0.13 4′5″ 3.40
2.50″ 1.50″ 7.20″ 0.13 4′5″ 3.80

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