The premium Revolution® Series is built upon the Hydron Module® heritage of superb craftsmanship with the highest quality materials and unmatched attention to detail. It is the ultimate solution for increased efficiency, reduced heating and cooling costs, unsurpassed comfort and increased reliability, packaged in a dramatically detailed yet functional cabinet. One look at the extraordinary construction assures that this geothermal system truly is in a class by itself.

Best Geothermal Warranty

Featured Products

Revolution XT Geothermal

Two-Stage Multi-Position Vertical Packaged

Applications: Forced Air Heat, Forced Air Cool, Hot Water

Revolution CT Geothermal

Two-Stage Multi-Positional Vertical Combination

Applications: Forced Air Heat, Forced Air Cool, Radiant Heat, Hot Water, Snow Melt

Revolution WT Geothermal

Two-Stage Water-to-Water

Applications: Radiant Heat, Hot Water, Pool Conditioning, Snow Melt


The Best Geothermal Warranty

Hydron Module boasts the best warranty in the industry. In fact, Hydron Module is the only geothermal heat pump with an available Lifetime Compressor Warranty*. Pure and simple.

*When registered within 60 days of installation. Visit or ask your Hydron Module dealer for details.

Save on energy bills

By using the free energy stored in the ground, Hydron Module geothermal systems are up to 500% efficient, saving you up to 70% off heating and cooling costs versus conventional systems.

Whisper Quiet

Hydron Module’s exclusive design and advanced craftsmanship provide isolation between the heat pump’s compressor and the cabinet resulting in extremely quiet operation, making it one of the quietest geothermal heat pumps available.

Free Hot Water

A Hot Water Generator is standard with all Hydron Module units. is allows the capture of free, unused heat, typically cutting hot water costs by 30-50%.

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